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Lifestyle Land Values

Hawkes Bay has become a preferred lifestyle destination, not only for overseas migrants but also significant numbers of affluent New Zealanders moving from major urban centres, all keen to enjoy the Bay’s superior Mediterranean climate, quality schools, educational opportunities, rural environment and a relaxed rural lifestyle. Rural land and property values appreciated considerably between 2004 and early 2008 but have eased significantly with the recession from late 2008 to the present time.

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Estimating Pastoral Land Values in Relation to Productivity

The value of an individual property is to a large extent determined by soil type, tree varieties, ages, condition, water and infrastructure; all being the factors which influence both production levels and crop values. Irrespective of these factors however, all things being equal, an orchard located within the Heretaunga plains between Hastings City and the coast line of Hawkes Bay (as an obvious example) is likely to be significantly more valuable than a similar property on the west side of Hastings, where the risk of hail storms and acute late spring frost are significantly higher.

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The Historical Effect of Climate on Hawkes Bay Pastoral Land Prices

Hill country farmers in Hawkes Bay traditionally gear their farming operations around the possibility of a summer pasture growth deficit by being prepared, if necessary, to sell a proportion of their lambs or cattle as “store” stock i.e., sale for fattening on other properties, and by growing summer stock feed crops as part of a cycle of pasture renewal.

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