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Permanent Forests in New Zealand for Carbon, Timber and Recreation

In New Zealand the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative (PFSI) enables forest investors to establish and create permanent or semi-permanent mixed aged forests with the objective of a substantial long term diversified income from the graduated harvest of logs, together with the sale of carbon credits in the form of internationally recognised Assigned Amount Units (AAU’s). It is suggested that some suitably located PFSI forests would be ideally suited as private hunting preserves for deer.

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Carbon Forestry: A New Concept for New Zealand Forestry Investment

In the past New Zealand forest investors have established forests which have involved substantial capital and operating expenditure from aquisition of the land through to harvesting in 25 to 30 years time. By joining the Emmissions Trading Scheme (ETS) investors are able to earn and sell carbon credits (in the form of NZU’s) for carbon naturally sequested by the new forest
creating a positive cash flow as early as the forth year following thinning operations.

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